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Archived Messages







Listen Online • 2016

Click on any of the dates below for the streaming audio of that Sunday's AM or PM service. Use the links on the left to access and listen to archived messages. We regret that some of the messages may not be available.

December 2016

December 4th - AM Service

December 4th - PM Service

Not Available

December 11th - AM Service

December 11th - PM Service

December 18th - AM Service

December 18th - PM Service


November 2016

November 6th - AM Service

November 6th - PM Service

November 13th - AM Service

November 13th - PM Service

November 20th - AM Service

November 20th - PM Service

November 27th - AM Service

November 27th - PM Service

October 2016

October 2nd - AM Service

Eric Miller • Advance America

October 2nd - PM Service

October 9th - AM Service

October 9th - PM Service

Not Available

October 16th - AM Service

October 16th - PM Service

October 23rd - AM Service

October 23rd - PM Service

Bro. Robert Cupps
Missionary to Peru

October 30th - AM Service

Bruce & Sammy Frye

October 30th - PM Service

Sammy Frye


September 2016

September 4th - AM Service

September 4th - PM Service

September 11th - AM Service

First Responder's Day
Matt Barnes • Capitol Commissions


September 18th - AM Service

Bro. Courtney Godsoe
Missionary to the Philippines

September 25th - AM Service

Dr. George Zarris
Christian Radio International

September 25th - PM Service

August 2016

August 7th - AM Service

Not Available

August 7th - PM Service

Not Available

August 14th - AM Service

August 14th - PM Service

Teen Night • Pastor Curtis Gordon

August 21st - AM Service

August 21st - PM Service

August 28th - AM Service

August 28th - PM Service

Not Available

July 2016

July 3rd - AM Service

July 3rd - PM Service

July 10th - AM Service

July 10th - PM Service

July 17th - AM Service

Not Available

July 17th - PM Service

July 24th - AM Service

July 24th - PM Service

July 31st - AM Service

July 31st - PM Service

Not Available

June 2016

June 5th - AM Service

Not Available

June 5th - PM Service

June 12th - AM Service

June 12th - PM Service

June 19th - AM Service

June 19th - PM Service

June 26th - AM Service

June 26th - PM Service

May 2016

May 1st - AM Service

Evangelist Phil Schipper

May 1st - PM Service

Evangelist Phil Schipper

May 2nd - PM Service

Evangelist Phil Schipper

May 3rd - PM Service

Evangelist Phil Schipper

May 4th - PM Service

Evangelist Phil Schipper

May 8th - AM Service

May 8th - PM Service

May 15th - AM Service

May 15th - PM Service

May 22nd - AM Service

May 22nd - PM Service

May 29th - AM Service

Not Available

May 29th - PM Service

Not Available

April 2016

April 3rd - AM Service

April 3rd - PM Service

April 10th - AM Service

April 10th - PM Service

April 17th - AM Service

April 17th - PM Service

Pastor Andre Nao - Ivory Coast

April 24th - AM Service

April 24th - PM Service

March 2016

March 6th - AM Service

March 6th - PM Service

Pastor Lynn Gordon

March 13th - AM Service

March 13th - PM Service

March 20th - AM Service

March 20th - PM Service

March 27th - AM Service

March 27th - PM Service

February 2016

February 7th - AM Service

February 7th - PM Service

February 14th
Creation Week Messages
Bryan Osborne • Answers in Genesis

February 21st - AM Service

February 21st - PM Service
Not Available

February 28th - AM Service

February 28th - PM Service

January 2016

January 3rd - AM Service

January 3rd - PM Service

Excerpts from 2016 Vision Night

January 10th - AM Service

January 10th - PM Service

January 17th - AM Service

January 17th - PM Service

January 24th - AM Service

January 24th - PM Service

January 31st - AM Service

January 31st - PM Service